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OpenSourceI am developing a website/organization to bring attention and donations to open source projects. I hope to launch March 5, 2014. This would be a weekly event to spotlight a particle open source project. There would be an article and links to the project’s website and donation page. As a grateful user of FOSS over the years, my goal is to increase donations to open source projects in need. I am posting this for ideas and only ideas.

If you can help with any of the following suggestions, I would be grateful.

  • Suggestions to spotlight open source projects in serous need of donations to stay afloat.
  • Resources to find smaller lesser known projects.
  • Suggestions to spotlight open source projects that have benefited many, but are in need of donations to continue.
  • Resources to find & contact projects leaders.
  • Suggestions where to find open source writers.
  • Any other ideas are welcome?

Send suggestions to: opensource@buckinternet.com

If you think this project would be of value, then please spread the word.

John Buck