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I set up another demonstration WordPress website. This time with the new Twenty Fourteen theme. The new WordPress default theme Twenty Fourteen is a magazine styled theme with a  modern responsive design. Like all default WordPress themes, you can use them to suite your needs fairly easy. From mildly personalized to heavily customized, you can make any of the default WordPress themes, not to look like a default theme with a little code work if you want. But that work great just as is too, so I decide to just mildly personalized this time around. Besides being a demo site for Buck IT Services, it also serves as a reference for me of my current websites and domains. The photo is of the new website on a Nexus 7 sitting in front of desktop monitor with same site. There are a lot of great current and past WordPress themes, but I decided, I will only build WordPress websites for my clients and self using a responsive theme.

Buck IT Services

New WordPress default theme Twenty Fourteen.