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KDE Neon is using a rapidly updated software repository from KDE packaged on the stable foundation of the Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) release.

KDE is a community making the best in end-user-ready software, but it can be hard to install the latest versions. We rely upon Linux distribution companies and communities to compile, package, and make our software available. They do an excellent job. However their release schedules are not necessarily aligned with those of KDE project’s, they don’t provide packages from Git and often not from Betas, so there’s no way to test the forthcoming releases. This results in packages that are late compared to KDE project’s releases. Once a user has installed a distro, there is often no easy way to get updates of KDE software packages, such as a new release of Plasma, it typically involves adding an extra archive that the user needs to search out. Because of the competing demands of distributions, their third-party libraries and software are often a different version from that with which KDE software works best. And often they replace the project’s branding, often adding their own branding to the software. This can drive away users, contributors, and donors who might be best served directly from KDE. — from the KDE Community Wiki

Next Open Source Tuesday will feature the Ubuntu Mate project.